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April 1st, 2020 - BLU-SPARK project n° 950757, founded by the EU HORIZON 2020 programme

Primavis is a proud member of the EU HORIZON 2020 founded project BLU-SPARK consortium, developing the first Hybrid Power Unit Retrofit Solution for Airplanes. Go now to the website     

January 2014 - Engine Technology International reports about Primavis

Primavis and BRC joint project is in evidence in one article of the prestigious magazine Engine Technology International, in the issue of January 2014. The article reports about the cluster "From Concept to Car", which was established in 2002 to promote automotive suppliers of the Piemonte region, aimed to find solutions for weight and emissions reduction. The article is available on line ( or clicking here    

22nd October 2013, 6pm - First fire up of the engine prototype

An important milestone has been achieved by the company and its development team: after many months of hard work the first prototype, assembled in September, was installed on the test bed, instrumented, commissioned and finally fired up for the first time at BRC facilities in Cherasco, Italy. The first hours didn't show any problem and the test activities will be carried on in the next weeks according to the test plan.     

October 2013 - Primavis at the International CAE Conference and Exhibition

Another important appointment to know Primavis innovative 2-Stroke technology and to meet our experts. Primavis is keen to participate to the International CAE Conference and Exhibition on 21st and 22nd October in Pacengo del Garda, Verona, Italy.  We will present our mock-up powertrain for UAVs and light aircrafts in the exhibition area, while Prof. Mattarelli will present a dedicated work based on Primavis technology. The conference programme is available here.    

September 2013 - Primavis range extender analyzed in a SAE paper at ICE 2013

At the 11th International Conference on Engines & Vehicles, organized by SAENA (SAE Naples Section) in cooperation with Sandia National Laboratories - Livermore (USA), the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the group led by Prof. Mattarelli presented the paper "Comparison between a Diesel and a New 2-Stroke GDI Engine on a Series Hybrid Passenger Car", based on the Primavis range extender. The paper is available on the SAE web page, clicking here.    

June 2013 - Luca Morfino presents the Primavis innovative propulsion system

Interviewed at the Paris International Air Show "Le Bourget", Luca Morfino, Primavis' Chief Executive Officer, presents the innovative hybrid propulsion system based on the Primavis 2-Stroke technology.

You can see the video of the interview on the Primavis Channel in YouTube, clicking here.

The duration is about 2 minutes.    

June 2013 - Primavis at the Paris International Air Show "Le Bourget"

Primavis presents the benefits of its innovative powertrain for UAVs and light aircrafts, showing the mock-up of the series hybrid system developed in collaboration with BRC, Politecnico of Turin and DigiSky (, the company which established the world speed record with an electric propelled aircraft. The mock-up is visible at our Booth F276 in the Hall 1, its picture is available clicking here. Primavis presentation for UAVs and aircraft solutions is available on line, just click here.

April 2013 - Primavis and BRC again in Detroit at the SAE World Congress

After the interest and success achieved at the 2012 edition, Primavis and BRC decided to jointly participate as exhibitors at the 2013 congress edition, from 16 to 18 April, too. You can download the program visiting the congress official site.

Primavis and BRC are happy to welcome you at the Booth #533. Primavis will show the first system prototype. For downloading the flyer with the system's specifications plese click here

February 2013 - Company Presentation

Transparent communication is the base of a trusted relashionship with customers, suppliers and stakeholders in general. The Primavis Company Presentation is now available on line in .pdf format. The file dimension is 990 kB and requires only a few instants for the download, depending on your connection's speed.

For downloading the file please click here.

September 2012 - Agreement with BRC for engine development and production

BRC is a global acting company, part of the Fuel System Solution, listed at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, industry leader delivering proven alternative fuel system technology to more than 120 OEM and delayed-OEM customers as well as 400 after-market distributors/dealers in 70 countries. Primavis and BRC decided to jointly develop fully functional range extender prototypes, including generator, power electronics and control unit (Plug-and-Play solution), with future production intention.

April 2012 - Primavis as Industry Innovator at the SAE World Congress in Detroit

Primavis exposed its innovative engine concept - "Clean 2-Strokes as Innovative Solution for RE-EVs and Low CO2 Emission Vehicles" - in the exhibitor areas of the SAE World Congress in Detroit, which was officially recognized as Industry Innovation for the year 2012.

The exposed poster can be dowloaded by clicking here.  

April 2012 - SAE Paper 2012-01-1022 jointly presented with UNIMORE

The excellent results of the performance developent activities started with the Italian University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the team led by Prof. Enrico Mattarelli were reported in a paper and presented at the SAE World Congress 2012 in Detroit. The activities were carried out on the 487cc monocilyndrical engine version, in the 3 variants GDI, Diesel and Diesel with Turbocharger. The paper is available here. For downloading the video of the scavenging process click here

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