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The Primavis Clean two stroke Engine is ideal for following applications

  • Propulsion: Motorcycles, ATV, Small Cars, Aircrafts, Industrial and Marine
  • Auxiliary Power Unit: Range Extender for Electric Vehicles and Aircrafts
  • Cogeneneration (combined heat and power)


The Primavis solution is based on the Patent WO/2011/101878, related to an innovative two stroke engine (no drawback of standard solutions) for propulsion and range extending application characterized by

  • High efficiency
  • High specific power
  • Very compact dimensions
  • Low weight
  • Simplicity, low production costs
  • Extremely good NVH (low noise and vibration level)


The invention bases on the following characteristics

  • One combustion process every crankshaft revolution (modern two stroke)
  • Air supply realised by external volumetric pump, with balancing function and possibility of supercharging in combination with a special rotary valve, called CCD (Control Charge Device)
  • High pressure direct fuel injection system
  • Lubrication system “four stroke like” (lubrication oil not mixed with fuel and not burned during the combustion process)
  • Liquid cooling
  • Possibility of internal EGR
  • Possibility to function with several fuels (gasoline, CNG, LPG and also diesel, if required)

​Mono and bicylindrical configurations (15 up 120 kW power output) have been deeply analysed and results were demonstrated supported by independent research institutes, like University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and University of Florence.

First results have been published in the SAE Paper 2012-01-1022, presented at the Detroit World Automotive Congress in April 2012.


In summer 2012 Primavis signed an agreement with the company BRC (, part of the Fuel System Solution Group, listed at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, for the development and future production of the engine. 

For more information don't hesitate to contact us at the following address:

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